Stairway, Railings and Balusters

A stairway can be more than just climbing upstairs and coming down. It can glorify the beauty of the surroundings or enlarge the storage space. Below are different ways that can give a staircase, railing and the balusters an amazing effect:


Adding different colors can be eye catching. Generally people stick to a single color for their staircase and the most conventional colors preferred are brown, black and white. However, this can be replaced by painting the staircase with concrete colors. But, it has to complement the entire look of the place.

On the other hand, a modern styled stairway can be quite elegant and chic having stone stairs like granite and marble or that of wood.  One can even opt carpeted stairs that match with their interiors. White, black and shades of brown give a trendy and polish look.

A stairway design can vary from the simple straight stairs to the spiral ones. For those with space restrictions, spiral ones are best fitted.

An innovative way can be adding a slide besides the stairs. This can be done with the straight as well as spiral staircase.

An understair unit below the stairway gives an effective space design. This unit can be covered with matching wall coverings, proper cabinets or drawers and decorated with beautiful doors or wall hangings.   

A staircase can be decorated with wall decors, potted plants or lanterns and lamps. An easy and economical way available now is using quoted stickers on the stairs that gives a modern look.

External stairway looks best when complemented with beautiful plants and flowers.

A railing is meant for protection and safety. Equally important is to choose the design, color and material thoughtfully that harmonizes well with all other furniture and fixtures. The railing can be of stainless steel, galvanized steel, wooden or even hand painted.
A modern design is generally simple and straight that does not have many patterns or design carved on it. Iron or steel railing with glass and steel balusters gives the ultimate contemporary styles.
On the other hand, if the entire set-up is traditional and colorful, one should go for a wood railing with patterned balusters in steel, iron or even hand-painted. Artistic glass in striking colors can also be used for stunning balusters.       
Today there are many options for staircases, railings and balusters.  Main point is to choose something that blends well with the overall ambience. Once the final decision is made, installation and fixing the entire system is pretty easy with the modern methods and technology.    

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