The Grown Ups Tree House

Interior Design Arts

Every kid has fantasized about having a tree house. Some are lucky to have their fantasies built physically before their eyes but most of us actually only get them built in our imaginations. Then again we all grow up and sometimes forgo this dream. That’s why I found this space quite interesting. It reminds me of that tree house we’ve always wondered about. It’s whimsical, fun and crafty. You can see a lot of technique but it’s executed in the most playful, effortless sense.

A lot of timber and stone were used. This can be very comfortable in cold weather and are ideal materials to create warmth and ambience.
Instead of having log walls like you’d see in cottages, a more whimsical take was the concave, wooden frames complimented by the parquet flooring. The unique pattern on the floor may look somehow misplaced but it actually serves as division and framing to different spaces like the sitting area and fireplace. Uneven but focused, they create a lot of eccentricity while giving more definition to the space.
Another texture that added a fanciful touch was the wrought iron stairs. It adorably spirals down against a fine brick wall. Its unique, half spiral also spikes a little more wonder and appeal.
The focal point of the whole room is obviously the quirky fireplace. It’s shaped and placed oddly but perfectly showcased. It ties in very well with the cottage / tree house theme. Also, it centered the room perfectly since the place was so large. The marvelous piece held everything together.
Colors were a variation of warm tones from caramel to dark stains. It offers a lot of balance to the grandness of the space.
Great natural light was provided by huge, uncovered windows that also served as frames to the astonishing forest scenery outside.
The furniture was practically all wooden and handcrafted, easy to move around and does not take over the space too much allowing all the other rudiments to stand out.
Altogether, the different elements brought a continuing effervescence into the room. The space is dreamy and homey. It indulges a lot of our childhood, playful whims.