Designing with drama and beauty of Baroque

Cool glamorous bedroom


This room is designed keeping in mind the Baroque period. Baroque is a period as well as a style that uses exaggerated motion and clear easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance and grandeur. This room is a depiction of such a theme in its original sense. It is tiled like a pavement, the ceiling is high and the color scheme adds even more light to the well-brightened room where large windows allow for maximum sunlight.

The sofa-chair is upholstered in printed grey and white leatherette to add pattern and texture to the room. The fireplace is white marble – no doubt a masterpiece in the room. The carved mantle with a plant at the corner adds life and warmth to the space. Candles look really comforting at night; their soft glow illuminating everything around them. The huge king size bed  with long “minarets” on the four corners gives uniqueness to the whole design. The artistically crafted side tables with their spindly legs are characteristic of the Baroque style. The drawer provides storage for everyday things.
Thin furniture legs also give the notion of space. There is no clutter beneath the bed because of the design of the bed. Any outsider would have been able to see what the bed hides beneath it, so there is less chance of anyone putting anything below it.
 Bed linen is of thick cotton, which is practical apart from being comfortable as well. The amount of cushions and pillows provide a good rest area for anyone – especially people with a backache. The walls are painted a creamy color with an old touch to look old enough to be typically baroque. the chandelier hanging in the middle of the room gives the idea of being “luxurious”. This would also give a warm glow when lighted. The key is to design in such a way that the drama and beauty of Baroque style shines through.

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