Basic Ground, One Open Space




Simple color tones, simple materials and a simple layout. It’s easy, functional and honest. That is why a minimalist concept is the go to for practical, modern homes. Spaces are often limited so every bit of it should serve a particular function when it comes to city living. The challenge is to create spaces that would include all your needs without sacrificing comfort and ambience. It has to be direct to the point and that often actually becomes a charm.

An open plan is almost always not a choice but a necessity as seen here. You save a lot of space for not having another wall to divide everything. At the same time, you actually create an illusion of a wider, more airy room. It’s a quick access back and forth the living and dining areas. Luckily though, we have a corner that still defines the different spaces.
You’ll also see a variation of grains and textures. Basic materials like timber, steel and masonry. The different elements blend very well in warm neutral tones and stains. Ideally, there is still a contrast of raw finishes to give off a natural vibe contrasting the flawlessness of the finely crafted furniture. The overly industrial concept sometimes become too stiff and it turns out to be unwelcoming. It is still a home and it needs to be livable and comfortable.
I’d like to highlight just how beautifully the slanted ceilings framed the entire room, with unfinished, heavy timber that is rarely found nowadays since they become fairly expensive. But oh, how they just warm up a room. Another great addition was the simple yet ingenious and stunning glass wall that welcomes a lot of natural light into the room. It also creates more illusion of space.
I adore having a mini courtyard in this concept. It offers a sort of balance to the ultra modern elements of the home. I’d hate to overuse the word natural and organic but I think it’s become an important factor in design since it contrasts particularly well with the busy city lifestyle. It is a sort of breather to the routine.
The furniture was also kept in the minimalist direction. You still need great storage and functional pieces so you can keep it clutter free and well kept. Tidy and organized, colors were from mid to deep dark tones. The set is made from basic materials so you still follow a well balanced, eco-friendly, organic concept.
Task lighting was creatively set by spotlights and simple lamps, still minimal and basic, warm and homey.
It may be hard to plan your way around limited spaces but always follow your gut feel. You need to maintain a great flow of movement and natural choices in styling and furniture. It has to still feel like a nest that you can both practically work in and come home to.