Organic interior, romantic and sentimental touch




It is a rare privilege to have a patio nowadays. Limited lot space is often the challenge when it comes to building homes. In this, we can see a very clever use of styling to get an outdoor vibe using an indoor space, such a practical solution for a trend of smaller homes.

A lanai, as I was used to calling it when I was young, requires a lot of natural light and airiness into it, often treated with European, country influences. It is sophisticated yet uncomplicated and purposely cluttered. Hence, a sort of bric a brac styling gave a sentimental and organic appeal to this space.

Vintage ceramics and trinkets filled the aged rococo style tables. I rarely appreciate woven patterns, but here, you suddenly learn how it can bring a special comfort. Also, it nicely and subtly brought in a country theme that further emphasized a feel of a courtyard or a patio. Fresh greens and flowers remind me of that southern summer warmth and charm. The striped cushions and the floral carpet tie in the nostalgic pieces, adding a warmer, homey feel through different patterns. Fine craftsmanship was continuous with a scattering of handmade, rustic pieces.

Big French windows allowed a lot of daylight into the room and added a feeling of grandeur and spaciousness into what is essentially a very small space. Framed with stained, unfinished wood, you gather a sense of that old, romantic feel from it. The different grains of unfinished timber and weave coincided perfectly with the distressed brickwork on the floor and stained walls, all working together to get a rustic yet intricate blend. It’s inspiring and enchanting at the same time.

It doesn’t require a lot of space but you still get a sense of the outdoors. The mix of influences even add a more natural and personal touch. You get a sense that it’s lived in, it’s nostalgic. Surprisingly, achieving that within a limited space is not that farfetched after all.