Written by Anne Hyra

Design a small, smart and clean expanse



Small, smart spaces are becoming a trend and this nontraditional layout is one great example. A modern apartment with some oriental influences, the unique set up takes advantage of borrowed spaces to create functional areas without neglecting good flow of movement.

Light plays a big part in creating ambience. As this is a corner layout, windows were a natural option. Creative sources of natural light during the day are great additions to limited spaces to give a more open atmosphere.  By using the staircase and glass walls as partitions, more light was revealed making the room look wider and more open. Another helpful feature would be the white walls along with the steel light fixtures that reflected even more light into the room.
Clean lines add to making a space look bigger than it is. Smooth finishes on walls, floors and furniture helped this room in this aspect. The combination of white ceilings, hardwood floors, stone surfaces and steel additions play a good balance for a modern vibe. Colors were kept on the minimal so everything blends into this quiet mix of neutrals.
One great piece of the house is the floating stairs that functions both as a partition and accent because of the lines it created. Opting for this type of stairs made the room lighter as well. Comparing to the usual heavy blocked set of stairs, it was the best option as we are all about making the space airy and open. The choice of benches and stools for the dining area were also a great, fresh idea for maximizing small areas. They also give great options as they are easy to move around in case less or more seating is needed.
An Asian inspired painting that hung against a wall framed the bed along with bare glass windows, a great idea to showcase and separate an area in a shared space.
The whole clean concept of the room was tied together with subtle accents like plants and log chairs that offered the room some needed texture to break the monotony a little bit. Hanging light fixtures were also great options to brighten the space and add more key pieces without taking too much space.
All in all, this apartment shows a great balance in design. Function, convenience and aesthetics were never sacrificed in putting everything together in a rather limited space. In this regard, the space was even expanded.