Reflecting the homeowner's most personal character and style



The home reflects its homeowner most personal character, most intimate details and expression of their lifestyle. In the case of this space, a straightforward personality with no qualms to honesty is what we can see. The space is well thought of, designed to conform to its residents.

The open layout of the living room, dining room all the way to kitchen is welcoming. There are no segregations to the space allowing efficient movement and flexibility. The space is unguarded thus leaving less allowance for clutter and unnecessary effects. It may be a challenge in making this space more personal but its intimate charm is in its approachable simplicity.
The modern theme of this space uncompromised its homey feel. The furniture pieces on its own seem edgy with its chrome accents and solid wood frames, but the well placed accessories added an unpredictable softness. The plants placed sparingly are just enough to balance the strong architectural detail of the column and the heaviness of the solid wood dining table. The lighting fixtures are simple and clean and yet they call enough attention and seem to give just the right finish to the space. The wall with its wood panel detail gives the most unexpected effect of making the living room space warmer and inviting. Small items that reflect personal details are carefully placed on the console table by the living room, serving as glimpses of the lives of its residents. The sofa’s imposing size gives the area a stronger personality but is perfectly balanced by the modern single seats placed side by side. The open kitchen makes the space more convenient for entertaining, with guests feeling well received to dine, converse and maybe showcase their cooking skills.
The windows that occupy almost one whole side of the area are uncovered, allowing the exterior to blend with the interiors. There are no intentions of concealing either side but rather allowing them to complement each other.  The black frames of the windows which may become too imposing for the dining room’s subtle design is now an architectural detail which accents the area giving it more depth.