A memorable entry



The entrance to any place is very important. It leaves a lasting impression on a person. It shouldn’t be too busy, nor should it be too plain and simple that it looks dull. Appropriate lighting and decoration hold a lot of importance. The small yellow lamp on the creamy white of the wall welcomes the guest warmly.

The entrance space does not look small as large lamps, hangings or decoration pieces are not used. The entrance would have looked cramped for space had it been coloured a dark shade or if it was decorated lavishly with huge lantern-like lamps which would have served the purpose of lighting as well. The two swords add another colour and break the monotony of the straight lines of the walls table and lamp. The mahogany table below lends a place to put things if the need arises. The table has a matt finish which is resistive to water or moisture. The room behind is painted in warm orange-red tones which brings a cozy feeling for winters definitely. The candles may not provide warmth but the feeling is there. The soft lighting hides flaws in the architecture, if any. The half wall lets our eye travel beyond which helps in the maximization of space. Texture is added in the room with the help of light reflecting off different surfaces. The heavy maroon velvet curtain, bound by a golden tassel makes the setting look “rich”. A large velvet chair peeps from behind it. The semicircular wooden window-door makes conversation with the people in the other room easier. An outsider would be definitely curious to know what type of room lies beyond that door. The setting is fairy-tale like. A drama might unfold at any minute and the visitor would be left awestruck and amazed by what is happening. The candle stand in itself is an ornament; a decoration piece to highlight the corner and to lay emphasis on the small hut-like opening behind it. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming where a person can sit back, relax and might even read a novel or a newspaper.