Brick and Masonry Creates an Extraordinary Interior Space

Industrial stunning loft

The brickwork in this apartment would be the usual target of anyone’s eyes. It amplifies the whole industrial vibe of the space and the rusted floating staircase was a clear compliment to this. The dark brick archway beneath the stairs gives that uncomfortable yet interesting command, contrasting the warmth and largeness of the whole assembly.

Varied grains of wood, steel, leather and masonry all in solid, warm hues create a very masculine atmosphere. Yet, the clever choice of a plaid colorful rug made the supposedly cold space more welcoming than it should’ve been without it. The books and throw pillow on the floor also added to this giving the rather dry room a more relaxed, personal touch. The huge steel bar window highlights the whole focal point of the room which is the seating area, of course. Though its proportion to the furniture is unusual, it makes the eyes wander and adds to this space’s character. The several light fixtures play more part in aesthetics more than lighting itself. This gives a sort of task lighting effect you would more likely relate to an office space. This is yet another nod to industrial style by this apartment. The unique furniture, like the lifted couch and the wheeled coffee table, are both odes to a merry mix of different styles. The couple of short bookcases are such interesting pieces as well as for their proportion to the windows. The choices with the stoplight lamp, books and different sized pillows are great accents as it ties everything up in an eclectic sort of way giving it a nostalgic, mid 90’s feel to it. I am such a fan of mixed influences that are sort of mashed perfectly into a brilliant concept. From the lighting to the play in perspective and eccentric styling, this room captured my attention in its own sneaky manner.