Luxurious, Classic, Always Romantic

Interior can be set off by the right flooring


I am always won by luxurious French Interior design, always classic, always sophisticated and always romantic. It requires intricately designed furniture, elegant and stunning wall patterns and an over-all polished finish. This space features it all. Almost everything was drowned in clean white and you would have to rely on the finely executed details for that chic, aristocratic feel.

The luscious draped upholstery on the sofa makes up quite perfectly for not being the traditional French love seat. I loved it even more when paired with the rococo style tables and an ever beautiful and romantic shaded lamp. You also have to notice the white painted floral centerpiece in the set. It was such an inspiring, distinctive touch. Adding a bit of contrast is a marvelous sculpture of vintage violins stuck together giving off a nostalgic, antique vibe.
What would become of this space without the lavish drapes? They flowed so elegantly while natural light beamed through them. I am a big fan of naturally lit rooms and being almost entirely white, the room radiated gloriously.
The damask patterns on the walls were subtle yet dazzling. If you ask me, these types of patterns will always be prerequisites in French interior design. Marble columns stand strongly with detailed bases. They match flawlessly with the molded archway leading through the hallway.
Welcoming the archway entrance is a magnificent full-scale mirror which makes the room broader than it actually is. Beyond the hall is a cascading spiral chandelier that is just marvelously gorgeous.
One of the greatest features found here is the flooring. The whole ensemble floats elegantly on dark, textured tiles. The unique grains on them were a smart addition which gave the whole room a rather contemporary touch.
All in all, this space is a masterpiece to me. There is that sense that it should be left undisturbed but also, because of its beauty and intricacy, it’s hard not to be intrigued.