An elegant bathroom atmosphere guided by design

Elegant Bathroom


Don’t you just love the elegance of fine materials infused into this bathroom? From the wall mosaic to the bathroom accessories, they simply radiate class. The stunning lavatory resembles a console table that you usually place in your foyer. Its black lacquer finish and stainless steel legs create a high-end look that differentiates from the common bathroom sink. Adding to the luxury feel is the art nouveau-inspired chandelier that elegantly illuminates the whole area. It basically gives more luster to the already polished wall tiles.

By using warm lights, romantic mood can certainly set in as you walk inside this bathroom. Beside the classy, statement mirror, are the two black sconces that make the wash area even more picture-perfect.  The white flower arrangement on the modern side table added an appeal to the whole set-up. These floral soften the linear details of the surrounding thus, creating a feminine touch to such luxurious bathroom.

If you want to achieve a clean look in any room, white is a great choice to include in your color palette. The crisp white-effect makes this plush bathroom look bigger, cleaner and wider.  Moreover, the elements here with contrasting colors are definitely amplified by the use of white wall tiles and flooring. The patterned tiles on the main area’s wall complement well with the mosaic tiles’ finish. To complete the expression of true style and harmony, the border tiles are just an impeccable accent to the white wall backdrop. The coffee-brown drapes exude warmth to the room which contributes considerably to the overall perspective of elegance and comfort.

We all know just how important the ceiling is in playing with any room’s height. The recessed ceiling with the classic molding offers a practical yet stylish way to achieve an airy atmosphere. It clearly adds depth and height to the room. The ceiling also plays the role of dividing the shower area from the main area of the bathroom. For a superb discreet design, the clear glass panel with minimal framing makes the shower area project a sleek, clean look and functionality for that splendid bathing experience.