Interior Design to create a Textured Diversity

Industrial Studio Space


One of the greatest gifts of creative minds is making a collection of interesting pieces that wouldn’t ordinarily go together work in a single space. We see a lot of that in this semi-industrial-rustic loft. From rococo style furniture to contemporary lounges, it’s quite a nontraditional fusion but definitely commendable. A certain nonchalance and masculinity meets you through this grunge apartment, reminiscent of the 90’s style of mixing contemporary and vintage pieces in a sort of abandoned warehouse space.
The exposed, patchy brickwork on walls and columns along with the unfinished plasterwork convey a laid-back vibe. Understandably, the raw, distressed concrete flooring matches this achieving our rustic-industrial concept.

The concaved ceilings gave a particularly clever play in perspective supported with bare wooden frames. The large, see-through glass holes on the floor were another smart stir into the mix. All of these played their roles in a curious blend of textures that somehow worked well together to get that informal, construction site look.
Sources of light weren’t left out in this space. In fact they played such a big part in creating some more balance. One great idea was the varying sizes of windows that let in little and large amounts of lights. I adore the peephole-like small windows against the dry masonry, creative little pieces that were still big elements in ambient lighting.
Eclectic choices in furniture also added to the unconventional concept. It would only have worked in this sense to match pieces coming from varying eras. Every single piece inspires different ideas agreeing, none the less, to our “theme-less” theme. Just look at the contrast of the retro style lounge and French desks inserted into their own little domain positioned around the cozy and modern sitting area. All accessories and art pieces are unevenly scattered around the room.
The key here, though, was keeping the colors within monochromatic earth tones. It was almost in black and white accompanied by warm browns and beiges. In effect, even if there were so many different textures, all of those came together through this color scheme.
Oftentimes we get carried away planning and styling our own little nooks according to a specific idea. But now that we have a lot of influences to refer from, it can be quite overwhelming. So, why not try to get notes from this one. Play around with textures and feel free to create your own blend. You might be surprised with what you can come up with.