Creating spaces with powerful focal points

elegant penthouse interior design apartment


Spaces are often defined by a single focal point. In most cases, this would be a set of furniture. In this concept, on the other hand, we set our focus on the staircase.
Staircases are sometimes taken for granted for its traditional function which is to bridge levels in structures. Though to most people it is an integral piece solely for that purpose, I do find them fascinating for a different cause which is aesthetics.
The main feature of a staircase would be the steps, a rather simple idea or structure. When viewed, however, would surprisingly reveal a very intriguing play in perspective. It is quite interesting how a set of stairs can direct a visual path without having to be too complex.

For instance, the overlapping staircase shown here is an unconventional feature that drew more character into the room. The whole geometrical concept of this space indulges the eyes with many lines and levels.  It had that whimsical idea to it as it is seemingly floating, but this was, in a way, muted with the choices of grains and colors. The staircase is then framed with various layering of wood in the ceiling and floor, soft curtains and a few passageways. I admire the pattern of the lines on all surfaces that pursued a single rhythm. The eyes were engaged to follow a certain continuity brought about by all these elements.
I am all for understated statements as they bring a sense of wit into concepts. Therefore, I cannot neglect the deliberate monotony in colors. It combined all the elements together so one must be keen to realize all the hidden, brilliant details. But even though the space was populated with different shades of earth tones, it was accompanied by interesting textures found in cloth, wood, steel and glass. Also, the choice of contemporary art pieces and fixtures offered a quiet balance into the space.
Ideas need not be always in pursuit of intimidation. Sometimes it only needs some key elements meant purposefully to engage wander.