Borderless views; interiors designed beyond the walls

large space living room with fireplace ideas


A place to relax is everyone’s dream of escaping from a stressful environment. If you are looking to spend some much needed vacation down by the seaside, then this modern beach house is the perfect option for staycationers.
Feel at home walking bare-footed on wood flooring that will surely calm the feet. This type of environment certainly calls for a wood-flooring rather than carpeting. It is clean yet requires low-maintenance.

The floor-to-ceiling clear glass adds to a perception of wide space inside. It also improves the flexibility of open spaces. It serves as a frame of a spectacular view of nature as if there are paintings on its walls. It is truly a power-saver during day time as it lets the natural light illuminates the whole area and there would be any use to switch on the lights.

The white ceiling is like a bridge that leads to a white sand beach. The skylight adds a natural light in the living area. The sofa is aesthetically based behind the wall that keeps a slight privacy.
 Minimalist as it is, the open space from the fireplace all the way to the back door certainly allows free movements. The wooden Scandinavian-inspired chair is a fine accent to the fireplace. It is well-placed just enough to feel the warmth while reading your favorite books or perhaps having a romantic chat with your loved one. The muted slate color of wall cladding complements well with the real wood flooring producing an impressive interior design and architecture.

The presence of water softens the wood and wall and has a contrasting effect with the fire. Just like most of us who loves to have a coffee for breakfast, the immaculate white outdoor stylish chairs are perfect for having your breakfast whilst staring at the magnificent view of the beach or while reminiscing on exultant memories. The white frame of the glass adds to the area’s unmatched simplicity.

This is an ideal place for allergy sufferers because of its dust-free environment plus a breath of fresh air. Overall this place is like you are staying in a covered beach resort.