Old is Gold - way to decorated

Old is Gold


Oh, the chipped off paint on the walls, the cracks, the cement clearly visible, the outline of the water which has seeped in from the roof after the monsoon! Disaster has struck! How can one hide such a wall? The question lingers…
 Lo and behold! It isn’t what you think it is. This is just wallpaper made to look like all the faults a wall can have! Old is definitely gold, you see. The style of this room is “old is gold” which is obvious from the way the room is decorated. The wall gives a textured look with the help of the wallpaper which has a plastic backing so that it doesn’t peel off, even if there is water seepage from the ceiling or the bathroom made on the other side of the wall. This actually is what we call art! The wall draws attention to itself, thus hiding any architectural flaws which are definitely there in every building in the world!

From the looks of it, the wooden floor definitely creaks and creaks a lot; but there you go wrong again. This is mahogany coloured wooden floor with planks locked in place with the groove system of locking. The floor definitely doesn’t creak, after all, why would it, it’s new? But the “dirty, web covered” planks (or so it looks like) must have something to sit on, which is where the sofa comes in. The three-seater sofa is basically Baroque style but it is polished to look antique. The old rugged look that the corner gives was the real intention. The upholstery, being extremely patterned would have merged with the wall and the equally patterned cupboard; the intentional use of golden for the sofa wood provides an outline against the busy wall. The cupboard is padded with a half inch thick sheet of foam and then a patterned cloth is nailed on it. The cupboard provides a partition and makes a corner of a long room without obstructing the view.
The room behind is in stark contrast to the corner. With plain dark brown sofa upholstered with leatherette and a tall neutral lamp beside it. The mirror on top is black, in contrast with the beige of the wall. A creamy white settee peeps from behind the cupboard thus adding more light to the room. A large window makes the room look larger and the scarce furniture pieces enhance the feeling of space. The room can be partitioned with a blind made of bamboo sticks – an older version of today’s blinds. Thus a large room can easily have two settings, in contrast with each other but still look well-blended.