The Grown Ups Tree House

Interior Design Arts

Every kid has fantasized about having a tree house. Some are lucky to have their fantasies built physically before their eyes but most of us actually only get them built in our imaginations. Then again we all grow up and sometimes forgo this dream. That’s why I found this space quite interesting. It reminds me of that tree house we’ve always wondered about. It’s whimsical, fun and crafty. You can see a lot of technique but it’s executed in the most playful, effortless sense.


Designing with drama and beauty of Baroque

Cool glamorous bedroom


This room is designed keeping in mind the Baroque period. Baroque is a period as well as a style that uses exaggerated motion and clear easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance and grandeur. This room is a depiction of such a theme in its original sense. It is tiled like a pavement, the ceiling is high and the color scheme adds even more light to the well-brightened room where large windows allow for maximum sunlight.


Basic Ground, One Open Space




Simple color tones, simple materials and a simple layout. It’s easy, functional and honest. That is why a minimalist concept is the go to for practical, modern homes. Spaces are often limited so every bit of it should serve a particular function when it comes to city living. The challenge is to create spaces that would include all your needs without sacrificing comfort and ambience. It has to be direct to the point and that often actually becomes a charm.


Organic interior, romantic and sentimental touch




It is a rare privilege to have a patio nowadays. Limited lot space is often the challenge when it comes to building homes. In this, we can see a very clever use of styling to get an outdoor vibe using an indoor space, such a practical solution for a trend of smaller homes.


Design a small, smart and clean expanse



Small, smart spaces are becoming a trend and this nontraditional layout is one great example. A modern apartment with some oriental influences, the unique set up takes advantage of borrowed spaces to create functional areas without neglecting good flow of movement.