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Mishka Veronica KlukMY THEORY

I’ve always strived to be the sort of designer that can translate what people want into their own story, as told throughout their entire home environment. In fact; this is their world, merely infused with my imagination.


Mishka Veronica Kluk (umlaut or Klook) the creative mind behind Interior Design Arts - graduated with a BA from a noted National School of Fine Arts and received her Masters in Arts from a celebrated Academy of Film, Television and Theater in Lodz, Poland. In the US Mishka continued her education in both fields of Set and Interior Design in New York and New Jersey and started her work as a set designer in the early 90’s in NYC’s off Broadway theaters and TV broadcast studios. Meanwhile Mishka cultivated her passion for interior design as a free-lancer collaborating with architects and builders on a variety of projects.

Her experience includes space planning, designing and decorating.  She’s known for “spicing up” her spaces with sculptured walls, murals of her own brush and handmade details. Her European roots, love for and knowledge of world architecture and art history, infused with memories from childhood travels make her a unique and eclectic designer.

This website represents Mishka’s own individual work.

With years of experience in the field of design and construction, Mishka creates custom designs incorporating her knowledge of structure, sensibility to textures, light and color palette, never forgetting the clients’ needs and wants.

As a true artist, she approaches both large projects and small room makeovers with the same enthusiasm and passion.



Mishka offers design and decorating services for small and large scale projects.

Her passion for redefining a tiny apartment, a spacious residences or a commercial space is always equal.



- determination of style or theme

- space planning

- space designing

- textures and color coordination

- furniture selection or design

- window arrangements

- floor design (incl. hardwood, concrete, tiles)

- supervision of contractor work

- decorating

- quick room makeovers

- staging for special occasions

- consultation on all design or decorating aspects.

Discover our professional designs and ideas to create a space that's your own in New Jersey or NYC 


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