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When I ask you what a bathroom is you’ll probably tell me there’s a tub, a toilet and a sink. Period. And sometimes, it’s exactly like that when it comes to designing a bath space. But have you ever considered why it’s sometimes even more relaxing to spend time in a hotel bathroom or a bathroom that’s actually foreign to you?Bathroom Fixtures Bathrooms, sometimes, don’t really get the attention they need when it comes to building and designing even though they can actually be deal breakers or makers in choosing a house.

Of course a bathroom needs to fulfill its main function but there are elements other than the toilet, tub and plumbing to be considered in designing a bath space and they are bathroom fixtures.
Bathroom fixtures are crucial in making a bathroom design more cohesive and interesting. These are final details that can easily be left out in a design process. These are your choices in shower fixtures, faucets and accessories.

It might seem a little intense to have to think about these details at first but when you get right to it, your choices in such can actually be easier than completely redesigning a space. Sometimes completing your theme can be done just by syncing your choices in fixtures.

To help you narrow down your task, I would first recommend you build your theme or maybe a mood board. Do you want to follow a certain color scheme? What could be good choices in materials and textures? Even consider the sizes and shapes of your fixtures and accessories. This is one step I could never leave out in design even when eclectic style is one of the trends now. Because when it comes down to it, a good design always means it’s uncluttered and there is a certain harmony in all the elements you see in the space. That’s very important especially in bathroom design.

So then, consider your design elements. We recommend a basic pack of bathroom essentials to start with such as great light fixtures, a mirror, a towel rail, and good storage such as shelving, robe hooks and a tissue holder. Of course you can never forget about your choices in shower fixtures, plumbing accessories and the likes. Think about what would go together to compliment your chosen style.

Bathroom Fixtures

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