Westbridge Furniture Designs

Westbridge Furniture Designs


Westbridge Furniture Designs Limited was established in 2004 with a clear vision to develop the finest furniture designs, manufactured in the highest quality materials to the exacting standards of the industry's leading craftsmen.

Selling exclusively to independent furniture stores and high street retailers, we've stuck by that vision and grown our business to a point where we now employ some 500 people across 3 dedicated manufacturing facilities in North Wales. In fact, we're now the UK's largest own brand upholstery manufacturer.

In 2009, Westbridge launched the Spirit brand of premium sofas and upholstery, drawing on innovative designs and materials to cater for an elite, upmarket customer base through independent retail outlets.

Yet despite our insistence on uncompromising quality, our policy of sourcing selected materials internationally allows us to remain competitive, whilst our rigorous quality control and strict adherence to lead times means you can rely on market leading products, manufactured and delivered to your timescales, at a price that guarantees your margins.

Web site: http://www.westbridgefurniture.com/


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