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Before the chair became that common piece of furniture we know today, chairs actually have quite an interesting history to it. Proof of the use of seating goes way back from the Stone Age and has had such significant uses in ancient times.Chairs Seating
The etymology of the word chair actually derives from the Greek term “cathedra” which is a mix of the words “kata” meaning down, and “hedra” meaning to sit.
In the earlier days, chairs were reserved as a privilege to persons with higher ranks in society. The word throne actually means “to hold or support”. It is treated somewhat like a pedestal and only a select few may have the honor of seating on a throne.
By the 1800’s, chairs have started to become quite a common household item since productions of it had been growing especially by the time the Industrial Revolution flourished.
Since then, chairs have had a completely different purpose to it. Now we have them as dining chairs, task chairs and easy chairs. But even though it is not such a rarity to even own one now, chairs have kept its potentials to not only be quite functional pieces but also as very interesting pieces of art.
Chairs and seating is such an integral part of interior design both for purpose and style. They can represent different motifs and cultures depending on where you want to take cues from.
A few characteristics are considered in choosing such pieces as well like comfort, size, storage, weight, material, durability and style. With that, it helps a lot to know the different parts and how they can help in your design.
Of course the most important part is the seat. Whether it’s a stool, a dining chair or a couch, it wouldn’t be a chair without the seat. You can have it padded with different materials like leather or fabric. Or you can also have a solid piece made of hardwood, molded plastic or metal. This can be contoured to spread pressure points that make seating more comfortable.
You also have your back and arm rests that can be added for both comfort and style. They can also be padded or solid, high or low.
Then, you have your base or your legs. They can be different levels depending on comfort and function. It determines whether your piece becomes tall or short.
Lastly, you have your accessories. Some chairs, especially heavy ones and task chairs can have gliders or caster wheels on them for easier mobility. Some people put covers and/or pillows depending on the vibe they want to achieve.
To get a better picture of what you may be looking for, check out our references below for some of the best picks of classic and modern chairs and seating to get your design mind going.

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