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Glass is a wonderful material that can easily be added to any home or design. It is no wonder that it’s been around since ancient times and is still widely used now. The earliest recordings of the use of glass has been traced back to the Stone Age and ancient Egyptian times. artistic-glassDuring the Stone Age, glass was discovered to be used as cutting tools and weapons. During the Egyptian times, though, glass has started to be used aesthetically. They had been known for using glass beads which may have been discovered during metal ware production as glass making involves setting sand into high temperatures and blended with different materials. Since then glass has evolved a lot in terms of production and use. But even though technology has improved the materials used, the manufacturing process of glass remains essentially to setting sand plus other materials to high temperature and then forming it through different steps, either by glass blowing or mold forming. Both processes equally produce great pieces but glass blowing has been a particularly interesting process as it gives glass a rather unique quality to it. The process itself is very interesting as molten glass is being blown into balloons or bubbles that can be formed into different shapes and sizes. Through time we have seen glass used for art and architecture as a material for windows, doors, art pieces and wares. Glass was also seen a lot in different design and art movements. In the late 1800’s the use of glass as an art medium grew during the rise of Art Nouveau. Many of which come from being items of function like perfume bottles, vases and bowls that have eventually been regarded as masterful pieces of art. There was also a rise in the use of glass along with other materials such as metal during its popularity in the art nouveau and art deco movements. Glass blowing has produced a lot of notable artists who have come up with many great, classic and modern works of art. From glassware, to lighting fixtures and sculptures, these artists have produced a lot of interesting pieces you can either add or take cues from for your designs. Here are our top picks of artists, supplier and websites to guide you through your search for exceptional glass art for your space.

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