Feng Shui Interior Design



Feng Shui Interior Design - How to Optimize Every Room of Your Home

 By Amy A Xu

Feng shui interior design describes using design elements to improve the 'qi' or energy of a home. Each room of the home serves a specific purpose and the interior design of the individual rooms will carry out that purpose with the help of feng shui. In this respect, different principles and techniques must be applied to the different rooms. One size doesn't fit all in this case. Make the most out of each individual room by using totally unique cures and remedies. The purpose of the bedroom is to be the room in the house that promotes rest, relaxation and romance. It is meant to be a place that brings out calmness and tranquility. In order to do this, colors play an important role. Loud colors are the last thing we want to use, because they are too much of a distraction and actually promotes restlessness. Furniture placement is also a key factor. The bed is the main feature of the room and must be displayed in a commanding position, which is diagonal from the door. There are many other techniques you can use to optimize the bedroom, many of which are related to love. The love corner is another central part of the bedroom, make good use of this area to attract love or maintain good relationships. The purpose of the living room is to be the room in the house for get togethers. It is meant for family gatherings and entertaining guests. Because of this, the living room needs to be a place that promotes conversation and should be optimized for family bonding. In order to do this, the main focus is on how the seating of this room is arranged. Sofas and chairs are supposed to be placed in a semi circular shape to achieve this purpose. Family photographs should also be a feature of this room. Other great additions include artwork and live plants.

The purpose of the kitchen is to feed and nourish the entire family. It is thought to be one of the most important rooms of the house, because it symbolizes growth and prosperity for all the members of he family. The stove is the primary focus of the kitchen and its burners actually represent wealth. A stove situated within an island is the ideal position, because the cook should be able to have a good view of the entire kitchen. It is important that he or she can see who comes through the door. If the stove is built against a wall, a good feng shui remedy is to add mirrors behind the stove so anything in back is still visible. The purpose of the home office is to be the part of the home that work is done, it has to be optimized in a way that promotes productivity and will help guarantee success. In this case the desk is the most important piece of furniture in the room and must be located in a commanding position with a clear view of the door. Using a map bagua, locate the wealth and career corners for further feng shui design. The home office is an ideal room to use live plants such as the money tree or lucky bamboo, both of which are used to attract wealth.

As you can see, there are many different feng shui interior design techniques for each room of the home. Creating the right balance between all these rooms is what makes everything come together. The different areas of your life can be harmonized as a result of creating this great balance within your home. With the bedroom working towards love, the living room promoting your relationships, the kitchen helping to generate wealth and the home office building success for your business, all these different areas of your life begins to fall in place. Using feng shui interior design tactics is as simple as matching a feng shui element to a feng shui color and rearranging furniture using the basic principles.


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