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Like what I’ve discussed in Architects and Designers-(could be a link), Artists and designers are similarly helpful to designers and design students but they also have their differences. Between the two though, the line is much, much more blurry and the debate regarding this is often debated upon. Some people may also claim that artists are designers and designers are artists, too. In short, they are one and the same. Artists and Designers
Both are involved in visual compositions and deal with spatial properties. Aesthetic have a great significance in the two. History, trends and movements related to the respective fields are equally important to the growth of their craft. And finally, you need to use your faculty of thinking and observation to be able to produce anything in both fields.
I, however, found some differences in the two. Firstly, they’re dissimilar in their goals. To me, artists are mostly about the message and the expression of their work. There is no limit to their means and techniques as long as they are able to express their statement. Designs, however, should always serve a purpose or function. They are meant to solve particular problems for its users. If it’s in communication, you design a means to connect with the receiver through layout, fonts, etc. If it’s in a space, you design the flow of the area for the whole purpose of it.
Second, art is made with emotions and messages in mind. Designers, though, start with a user and a function. That’s where they build around and those are the absolute necessities for them to be able to produce something.
Third, they are criticized from different aspects as well. Art can be interpreted in different ways by the viewer. The success of it differs depending on the preferences of the viewer. The success of design, on the other hand, depends entirely to its function, if it’s served or not. Art can be aesthetically loud or simple depending on its goal and designs can also be both as long as it succeeds in purpose. Most designs are actually more appreciated when the aesthetic properties are more minimal while its functions are very well optimized at the same time.
Becoming both would of course be pretty awesome but knowing the difference helps a lot in identifying the needs of your project. Setting goals and focusing on them will always be helpful for you to fulfill your design and artistic ideas effectively.
But again, study, study, study! It’s always quite helpful to find inspiration and look at variations in influences and techniques from both artists and designers for you to polish your craft even more.

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