Stoneware and Ceramic

Stoneware and ceramic are a big part of interior design but finding the right pice can be challenging.
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What is Stoneware Ceramic?

Ceramics is the product of baking a blend of clay and other materials from a kiln. There is quite a fine line, though, when it comes to distinguishing the differences between porcelain and stoneware ceramics. The most common suggestions of the differences are that stoneware is denser, more opaque, Stoneware Ceramicand it doesn’t require the glazing process. Porcelain ceramics, on the other hand, is identified more through its translucent, glasslike quality. Basing from this, you can already figure out the qualities you’d want to consider incorporating into your design.

There are many styles to choose from. Stoneware has existed for quite a long time. You can trace the use of it as early as ancient times. Some of the most significant influences you can get hints from would be early Greek, Persian, Roman and Asian ceramics and pottery. There was also a renewed flourish in the industry seen in the Rococo art movement during the late Baroque period as ceramics were started to resemble Metal ware.

But rather than being passé over time, ceramics has found its way into the modern art and design scene. It has now been considered contemporary sculpture for the many ways it’s been innovated especially in interior and industrial design. From tableware, vases, fixtures and sometimes even furniture, stoneware has come a long way and incorporating some in your space with careful planning could never go wrong.

Although it seems rather hard to determine the best fit for your design for the many options available out there. There’s now a huge variety of materials, styles and finishes to look out for as the art of ceramics progressed. There has also been a growth in the number of great artists who have given a different take on the art. So, besides looking at art movements and different cultures for your mood board, it would help a lot to look at a number of contemporary artists who are continually innovating and evolving the art of ceramics. Tap into our list of favourite designers, artists and websites to help you out in finding the best pieces for your design.

Stoneware Ceramic

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