Modern Artistic Tiles

Modern Arts Tiles to Spice up your Home

Tiles are a great addition to your space both for its convenience and style. As early as 4000 years ago, tiles have been used to both decorate and strengthen palaces and pyramids since ceramic tiles are highly durable and can easily be incorporated in a design. You can paint on tiles and embellish them or even use them in natural form and they can still look great with your design. modern-artistic-tilesFrom its early uses as flooring to becoming wall art during the Greek and Roman period, the tile has been a go to piece both in modern and ancient architecture so why not use it in your home as well? Tiles are used not only on bathroom floors and walls but also on kitchen back splashes, counters, outdoor floors, walls and surfaces. You can even have hand painted, ceramic tile artworks.
As technology advances, tile production has also progressed. From ceramic tiles, there are now a lot more materials to choose from. This weighs heavily on the design approach you want to use. Now there’s stone, porcelain and vinyl tiles. Your choice would depend on your budget and the textures and finishes you want for your space.
Other factors to consider as well are colors, sizes and layout. Colors, of course, would depend on the vibe and feel that you want your design to exude. So is texture which would rely on the finish you choose for your tiles. Some tiles are glazed, painted and natural. Those two should always be in harmony with the rest of your design elements. Tile size can also be tricky when designing your space. It can make illusions of space and textures that can either help or ruin your design. Some more things you can consider is tile layout and shapes. This helps a lot especially if your design is minimalist. Even if you choose plain colored tiles, you can create interesting shapes, textures and designs by using interesting layouts and shapes. Take hints from mosaic art.
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