Why look at other interior design blogs?

Hosting an interior design website myself, it’d be quite ironic if I don’t appreciate the existence of such blogs. The internet is the largest, most convenient library there ever is so it would of course be the most generous place for research and inspiration. Interior Design BlogsFor designers and design fans alike, this is such an integral part in our study. As we expose ourselves to more designers and design ideas, our eyes and pulse in design becomes even keener. In interior design, especially, a great eye is key because you deal with space and layout.
The best designers also have a gift for spotting and adding minor details that can actually tie a whole design together. They may even teach you a thing or two about details that you could be missing out on.
Also, when looking at these design blogs, you get to establish what you do and don’t like. You understand your design principles more.
Another great aspect of looking through design blogs is it’s a great way to connect to other designers. Good designers should love other great designers! Why? Because as designers, you would understand how a design process works and would see how a design would be a success or a failure. When you see a really well thought of design, you get fired up to create and design even more. Great design blogs will always inspire, delight and even surprise you. Ultimately, they stimulate our brains and make us grow even more as designers.
In that sense as well, you get updated with design trends which, to me, is as important as studying the history of your craft. You get a really great insight of different needs and better solutions. Not necessarily because you are trying to copy someone else’s work but having a glimpse of different designs would always, always open your eye to lots of new ideas. In a sense it’s as if you’re collaborating with other designers.
Getting to connect with them through their works is a really great opportunity to learn and understand the craft all the more. And, if there’s one advice I could give to designers that I can definitely swear by, it’s to never, ever stop learning!

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